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Re: James Seemore Invitation

Posted by on October 30, 2005 at 02:04:17

In Reply to: James Seemore Invitation posted by Jim LaMattery on October 29, 2005 at 21:37:15:

This would be a great opportunity for you,James to express yourself and defend your beliefs. Of course no one would expect you to defend Maria and Peter, they should be able to defend their beleifs themselves and are very capable to do so, except for one thing,,, they won't.
You can then give your views on the spirit helpers and demons doctrine as to why members and even children are encouraged and instructed by Maria herself ,to engage in seances to conjure the spirit helpers up to fight the demons, and even cause the little children to sing songs with the names of these spirits in them, and also the names of demons, so they can memorize their names and learn to call upon them when they need help. One example is , they changed the words tothe song, Just Start Praising The Lord" now its, "If you really wanna knock(name of demon) for a loop, call
on (name of spirit helper)and they name as many as they can remember.
Little children in TF are being taught this. You can also explain why they have dress up nights and parties where everyone dresses up as their favorite spirit helper with costumes and makeup, even at their OC, Jett, and teen camps.
Do you do this with your children and teach them to call on spirit helpers and key power instead of
the Man.YOu know who. Its not a question of religion I am bringing up, its a question of right and wrong, and what is good to teach children and what is spiritual coersion, and taking advantage of little naive kids who don't know any better.
I saw some weird things happening and I got my kids out of there quick. What are your veiws about teaching your kids these things when they are not old enough to choose and discern for themselves, and even the older ones have to beleive it or they cant go to the camps and meet their friends? So all the child abuse has stopped? I think not.