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Posted by on October 30, 2005 at 03:01:26

Just yesterday I had a coffe with my sister. We started talking about our children. We got to where we started talking about my time in TF. "Really I donīt know anything about you since you came back here." Iexplained that I did have to clear myself and my mind from this indoctrination and brain-dirtying while stillin TF. How do you explain to someone who hasnīt got a clue at all about spirit helpers, Mo Letters and all that stuff. All I could say is that is was like living in a bubble. TF lives its own life in a bubble when we as christians are to be able to relate to "unsaved souls" and for them to trust us,should also be able to relate to us. But how can they unless their "spiritual"?
Sometimes I do talk with my older children, raging from 20 -26, about our time within. They donīt seem to be comfortable with it. All I can say about this spritual life in TF is that it wonīt!!! teach anything about being the person they can become. My sister is not religous or spiritual at all, yet her daughters are very kind and helpful and sensitive persons. After I left and came back home, so to say,my nieces where always there to help me with my kids. To make sure I could take timeto clear my mind and straighten my life and become a selfassured person. They did it because they saw my need for help, and this without any spirithelper. So this sprit stuff is definitly a way to control lives, as we here all know this.
The kids become the way they see us, parents, living life everyday. Thatīs how my sister did it and her daughters, all adults now, are very caring loving and concerned friends, more then most people in TF. And this without Mo, Maria and the doctines of the writings. So where is the real need for TF?