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to James once again...

Posted by Freeatlast! on October 30, 2005 at 07:09:14

But don't you see, James... the Loving Jesus Revelation was supposed to be mandantory... but then it changed... Maria backtracked and made it voluntary. The same with the "Praise Time" rule... it was supposed to be scheduled and made mandantory... but then it changed... we could work it in whenever we could.

I guess you don't read the GN's very deeply or seriously... and that's really good for you! I did... I was a real follower, James...I tried to read and memorize and put it all into practice...

And even when Maria would backtrack and say it was all voluntary... there was still the underlining feeling that those who "follow closest" were more revolutionary and strong and will have more blessings.

James... I was in for 28 years... Berg stressed obedience... and that's what we had to do... or else! Maria has learned to sound softer or more tolerant of different views... but it's only a show... she expects FDers to follow the closest... and anyone who is still a member of the MM or FM levels they still need to at LEAST believe the doctrine... and not be ashamed of it.

James... please think for yourself... abuse is not happening the way it used to... but there is another form of abuse going on and it's more subtle and demonic... it looks like light and truth, but it's full of lies and deceit.

Maria wants your money... your devotion... your stats... she isn't a shepherdess who lays down her life for the sheep... she is a witch and only wants you to lay down your life for her.

James... don't you realize that the anti-christ is not afraid of the Family... Maria tries to instill fear into your hearts... the demons, the anti-christ, and so on.

Maria is afraid of the FBI, the police, her own embassy... she is afraid of the law, James... Peter and her are on worldwide wanted lists... they've changed their names to run from paying taxes, from breaking the law, from God knows what!

James, do you want to be in a group where your leaders are running from the law... under the guise of being "selah'... keeping on the move because of your enemies... the churches or whatever?

Maria aka Karen Smith is wanted by the law... James, are you willing to stand by her when you find out she has broken the law? Do you want to stay in a group that has been kicked out of countries in the past, but still remains in those countries under different names... thereby breaking the laws?

Are they living a good example of a Christian life... one that Jesus would approve of?

James... think these things through... your youth and idealism should motivate you to get some answers and truth... if you really and truely want to follow Jesus... then you should follow a path that is free from deceit.