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Re: What do you mean by this James?

Posted by Farmer on October 30, 2005 at 08:04:24

In Reply to: What do you mean by this James? posted by exer on October 29, 2005 at 23:22:20:

I find this quite a bit "incredible"...So Mo/Berg is not the great endtime prophet anymore??His words were supposed to be more esteemed(& obeyed!!) than those of Solomon & the rest of the prophets...tongues etc...
behold (Shakesperian English) a greater than...
So you doubt that??'re on a good far as Maria is concerned:e.g. the Vandariletter is complete BS.If anything those SGs deserve is praise to have left that cult.By the way, I praise any Catholic for leaving that church for all those crimes of the past, & if you know Luthers words about the Jews, then it's about time to leave the Lutheran church etc. (yes, IMHO it leaves not so many good churches)
And anyone who has seriously read the Bible (have you read it thoroughly through, page by page???), comparing e.g. the beginning of revelation with one wife, also what Paul (& Jesus) say on marriage etc., would just have to leave TF, because fornicators & adulters simply don't inherit the kingdom of God. I am glad that I am out!!So it's not just the child abuse...

P.S. To paraphrase here a bit:
I know at least 100 reasons why I am glad not to be a complete systemite , but also out of TF!!