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on target

Posted by excog on October 30, 2005 at 14:45:32

The interactions with James on this board show some interesting trends:

1)most of the posters on this board ask or require of James ideological answers on the basis of "belief"

2)James tends to reply on a practical level, talking about practices he lives, that he claims may not be different from what other people live who are not "part of TF"

I have always maintained that the most important point in exposing TF (from Berg on) is to focus on the human rights and practical issues, not ideological and religious points, because the realm there is so foggy and relativistic, there is no point to the conversation.

James reminds me of Italian Catholics who pay apparent respect to the Pope and the church but in their life and privacy apply practical rules instead of ideological ones.

When asked about anything specific, sexual abuse etc. on the part of specific people in the past James replies he was not there so he does not know. He has made it clear that it is "sick" to think of scenarios where children are sexualized.

At this point I think it would be smart for people here to realize that James sees his life as part of TF in a very practical way and does not care much for ideology. Is his situation different from people who pay taxes to a government that performs a lot of ethically objectionable acts? And what is exactly his allegiance to TF if not just a cultural tradition he inherited and paying monthly tithe?

What kind of individual responsibility is he charged with?

I am not clear about this issue and I would appreciate some help.