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James D. Chancellor, Holocaust Denial, Reconciliation

Posted by MY DR. PHIL POSTING on October 31, 2005 at 18:43:40


You silly, silly man, or are you a woman? Who knows? I wish your cult apologist James D. Chancellor would exert some leadership within your Holocaust denying and child abusing sex cult to help you instead of to further your delusions of innocence. If you can deny the Holocaust and the horrors of anti-semitism, how can we expect you to comprehend the accusations of child abuse against you. I pity your ex-members.

MR COME AND SEE, You are so clever to parse and edit your cult leader's words of vitrolic hatred against Jews and prayers for the destruction of Israel. How very clever of you, folksy and blindly loyal to find no animosity in your cult leader's murderous rants against the Jews--and then your snide and snivelling qualification that, "Hey none of us ever took up guns against the Jews, and you question, 'Did you go buy a gun? Ha."

You are forgetting MR COME AND SEE, that the cult leader's own son bought a gun, a knife, and other implements of horror to murder one of your cult leader's accomplices: his child fondling-nanny, and then, Ricky, your cult leader's son committed suicide.

It's interesting how you deduce that volumes and years of your cult leader's words have no negative effect whatsoever, in fact, are pure and loving and merely mental exercises, yet the APOSTATES from your cult can, with one word or sentence turn Ricky or other ex-members into monsters.

Living is easy with eyes closed. I understand. I was in the cult, too, and I have grand kids still in the cult, of course, I don't know their address, their phone number, nothing because they know I don't support the words of their cult leader, so they hide from me.

I realized after I left the cult that I was ignorant and ill informed to tolerate such hateful and blindly dogmatic rants. Education is humbling. I strongly recommend it.

Now, I just don't enjoy nice, sugary, friendly cult exteriors that hide hideous hatreds and twisted logic.

Oh, the cult was so friendly to me when I left with four children after 23 years of service fulltime, in which I gave them all my money, all my time and my children's youth, --- that they gave me 190.00 dollars to help me on my way -- in a foreign country! Thank you so very very much.

In the short term you may make many friends MR COME AND SEE, but in the long view of history you will be exposed for what you are--just another mindless doomsday sex cult, listed under sex and perversions in your dear sociologist's and cult apologists guide books to religious aberations in the 20th and 21st century.