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(Reposted from NDN's Open House)

Posted by James Seemore on October 31, 2005 at 22:41:05

Posted By: James Seemore
Date: Sunday, 30 October 2005, at 3:11 p.m.
In Response To: One thing about Seemore's posting (Freethinker)

I'm so glad you all care so much for me, while at the same time judging me.

By the way, Borowick is not someone I get my liners from. I am no ones stooge, not yours, not Mo's, what I am is someone serving the Lord to best of my ability and if that makes you uneasy, so what! If I grew up in the Family and am still in, so what. Just because you couldn't cut it or enjoy it, or like it don't mean it's a bad situation for all. Will it make you feel better if I say a big SORRY on behalf of the Family to any sadness or abuse you may have suffered? I doubt it very much, because it was between you and a certain person(s), not me.

My personal reason for going onto the xFamily site was to simply say that we parents do not abuse our children or allow others to do so in the Family. It seems there where numerous people on that site coming out on a regular basis to say abuse was still happening and that someone should take the Family out, you know, a Ricky type approach. The ironic thing is that abuse Ricky may have suffered does not happen today, and I would not tolerate it one bit. If one Day Maria has to face the music for any actual abuse in the past, then so be it (for all have sinned). I was not there, nor did I suffer from any major abuse so to speak.

Of course I know abuse happened to some young people, but they have to take that up with the person(s) responsible.

I do teach my children the bible and they do read about spirit helpers, and we also read other Christian books as well as books for schooling, but we don't sit around in a heap of hash conjuring up the spirits. I am also one for teaching my children bible verses over key verses. You have to understand that the Charter is what we have to adhere to, not each and every ML or GN out. My kids know nothing of the LJR.
So, as you see, I think some of you fear the worst.

I would most likely get a reprimand if WS found out who I was, and what I have said on the other site, but I am not alone in this thinking within the Family. So, don't judge to harshly till you know the current situation within the Family today. Changes are happening! God bless!