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For The Family meat heads that claim no abuse

Posted by John Jr. on November 01, 2005 at 12:00:05

In Reply to: And to address the second issue raised posted by Coordinator on October 31, 2005 at 22:57:14:

This is what I posted on Dr Phil regarding abuse.

Trends have shown that second generation adults who have left The Family at times suffer from the inability to adapt to the outside world. They often feel lost, alone, angry and upset at their past, on top of having no bona-fide tools or credentials that will help them exist in society at large. These patterns suggest emotional and intellectual abuse, if not also sexual abuse, since it is a parent’s duty to prepare their child to function, and hopefully be happy and productive, in society. Patterns show that The Family’s parents have not provided the necessary tools for their children’s successful existence beyond The Family’s perception of life. This is one form of abuse. Simple. The Family cannot expect everyone of their children to remain members. The parents that remain must therefore put in place a system for preparing those children, who wish to leave, for the outside world. Otherwise, The Family’s idealism, whether intentional or not, functions like a prison: you violate your children’s God-given freedom to choose what lifestyle they deem appropriate, and so limit their potential to excel to the confines of your own system. This subtle form of abuse is possibly more detrimental than the graphic sexual abuse, which has gained so much pubic attention of late. It is something all second generation members, both former and current, have in common.