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Re: I think John Concerned (any relation to Timothy?) and James Seemore

Posted by Hypotheses & Conclusions on November 01, 2005 at 13:39:00

In Reply to: I think John Concerned (any relation to Timothy?) and James Seemore posted by theory on November 01, 2005 at 12:26:29:

Related in what way? Are they the same person?
If not, is James Seemore trying to convince John Concerned not to provide information to law enforcement? If that's the case, does James really believe a few anonymous posts will change John's mind, particularly when he (James) refuses to address the on-target issues raised by PeterF?

Has it ever crossed anyone's mind that law enforcement doesn't usually waste limited public resources by carrying out a personal vendetta that's totally lacking in substance? What do ordinary Family members have to worry about if they are not abusing & neglecting their children or harboring pedophiles and kidnappers or running charity scams that circumvent tax laws or engaging in documents fraud or violating the immigration laws or covering up rape and extortion? What does it matter to someone like James Seemore that there's evidence that top leadership like Zerby & Kelly have engaged in these types of anti-social activities over the last 30 years?

If James Seemore wants to support TFI's criminal leadership with his 14% tithe, he's free to make that choice. If law enforcement comes knocking at his door asking questions, we can hope he understands what it means to take responsibility for his choices. Somehow I doubt that, given his evasive behavior on this board.