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Why do I keep coming back?

Posted by 52 cents on November 01, 2005 at 18:34:18

I want to witness the wall come down, like that wall that separated Germany. Seeing from the other angle, no matter how much you realized the error of the group, for some people it was all the culture they've had. Many families were separated under the dictatorship-like leadership and its bazaar teachings, one thing they preached well was, "God is in the business of breaking up the families" and they've done a good job breaking up the first generation and continued on to their second generation and on to the third.

None of us really do care about the leaders of the group, do we? No, I don't. I know a friend whose family are separated, and never can stop thinking about their children. I've heard so many stories of siblings against siblings and the children against their parents and vice versa, because of their teachings and some of their practices, is it their cup of iniquity has filled so much and they can only go farther and farther from the truth? Aside seeing some justice, I want to see the wall come down, and I think that's a good start.

In the world where evil triumph, I have good faith that good will over come. I would hope anyone in that group with half a brain can start thinking up their answers to those who asks, and fetch up some their error, or their choices are to keep running and running and hiding. Changes usually dose not come easy, or sometimes forced upon, but also there are good examples of just saying "no", if anyone can understand what it means to say "no".