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For The Family meat heads: Baloney!

Posted by Confutatis Maledictis on November 02, 2005 at 00:48:36

In Reply to: Re: For The Family meat heads that claim no abuse posted by researcher on November 01, 2005 at 17:51:41:

I have an idea, "researcher." Get a load of this concept: do your research!

Do you claim only responsibility for those who "have done quite well for themselves" and disavow responsibility for those addicted to crack or meth? "They are legion," as a wise man once said.

Do you forget that the God you claim to follow knows about every sparrow that falls to the ground? You better believe he knows about every one of your children that falls to the ground. And he cares vastly more than you do. I predict you will be met with a facebook when your day comes, and some tough questions from a solemn judge.

While one can learn to open a bank account, use a phone etc., relatively easily, it is disconcerting to be having to learn the very basics at the same time as the major cataclysmic life changes, all without even emotional support from those who should care the most. Sometimes the youth have even had their opposition.

I don't care how easy you think it is to learn these basic tasks, that does not mean they already knew how to do it!

Not knowing these basics while being introduced all to early to the paws of adults and so much other violation of innocence apalls "systemites," which it is plain to see on average have much more heart than the "Family."

And wtf is "We only belittle and denigrate ourselves by voicing such tripe"? Au contraire. Each SG that overcomes your obstacles is a heartening example for each person touched by their story. John, I am sure you know better than to pay two seconds of attention to this incorrect blather from the uncaring "researcher".

If you want to pull your cult out of its slump, "researcher," you might want to do some "market research." Wouldn't it be smarter to get a sense of actual sentiment out there than just doing the easy thing and saying what YOU WISH systemites thought about your abandoned kids?

By their results ye shall know them. I predict crap performance for your cult over the coming fiscal periods. Stock will continue to drop and currently short positions will remain that way and be joined by additional cautious cult-watchers' profit taking. An indictment or two might further mar the brand. This will open the market for competition to thrive in the abandoned sectors. Forced downsizing will leave young females even more disheartened. An increased rate of their departure will in turn narrow the field for the young men who stay because of their demographic and fornicatory advantage. The difficulty of outsourcing when you can't win converts will begin to wear. Scientologists will gain an ever larger market share as you risk being taken over by the Hare Krishnas as they consolidate in an increasingly margin-sensitive market.