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Re: For The Family meat heads that claim no abuse

Posted by John Jr. on November 02, 2005 at 14:08:10

In Reply to: Re: For The Family meat heads that claim no abuse posted by researcher on November 01, 2005 at 17:51:41:

Researcher -

You're right. I do need professional help on all levels to help me move on. Here's my short list of professionals whose help I welcome:

1) The Authorities
2) Counselors
3) Media

I've received professional help from many of those and will continue to demand more as it is the one thing I believe we all are entitled to.

It's my M.E.R. (research the Dr. Phil show for M.E.R.) to fight for those who are the weakest, not the strongest. To fight for those who cannot on their own move on and re-socialize into society, not only those who can. To fight for those who as 3 year olds woke up to their step daddy's d*** in their face for a routine suck, not those who didn't. To fight for those who were kicked out of The Family as 15 and 16 year olds with no education, no family, no career and no self-esteem or self worth, having to survive by hostessing old drunk Japanese men in night clubs or strip to get by. It's our duty as the stronger to support the weaker and it's your duty as a stronger SGA to stick up for the weaker.

To hear that you're doing well is a relief to me, but you too probably need your fair share of counseling in order to dig deep and deal with your past unless you are super man. All of us have come out of a very traumatic experience and all of us have been negatively impacted to some degree. I too could see the pain in Nancy's eyes on Montel, I could also see the pain in everyones eyes at Rick's memorial. Some people had issues opening a bank account when they left, while others had issues finding a career to fill the account with.

What I have found since leaving is that money, career and success do little to heal the wounds of your past. Just because you see an SGA that looks successful on the outside does not mean they are not hurting on the inside. I have friends that were successful on the outside but ended up committing suicide. Rick, for example, should have never died, everyone thought he was getting along just fine before he did, same goes for my brother in law Abe. Charles L. Allen should not be sitting in a Federal penitentiary, he was doing "just fine" before he pulled the trigger and unloaded 7 rounds into the FGA's chest.

Even though we all look at this beast of TF from different positions, we should all be on the same side - to stop the abuse. I do not mind debate and I welcome all the “Researchers” and others out there to voice their opinion as this is the only way we’ll be able to confront each issue. It is in debate that the real issues surface, it is in debate that we learn how to network and respect each voice, including the voice of the current member. And always remember in this debate to fight for the voice of the weakest.