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Re: I can't believe it

Posted by Perry on November 02, 2005 at 16:56:49

In Reply to: I can't believe it posted by lydia on November 02, 2005 at 15:56:33:

Lydia, I've had the same reaction to your various posts on this subject as your reaction to Ray, surprised that we agree on something. In the past, I've usually disagreed with your point of view, though I may not have expressed it in a post. However, regarding JS I've been inclined to agree with most of your posts.

I take what JS is saying at face value. My impression from the beginning is that he is genuine. Genuinely wrong, I might add, but personally I thought the better approach was to present him with some food for thought, rather than just chase him away. All the various questions asked of him were good in that regard, and I don't necessarily think it's all that important that he answer them here as long as he dwells on them and uses them to examine his own life. All the convincing arguments presented here won't have as much effect, imo, as the questions will if he doesn't close his mind to them. In the long run they will work away at his conscience.

I think the fact that you and I are surprised at finding we agree with someone we have often previously disagreed with is a wonderful reflection of the freedom we now have. There is no "cookie cutter" thinking going on here. Some of the people who have disagreed with you the most over JS are people I generally agree with, and admire and respect. Just because I don't agree with them on this issue doesn't change my admiration and respect for them.