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More proof on cult

Posted by 52 cents on November 03, 2005 at 17:54:18

No one person can show pity nor raise ethical questions on abuse issue, there are none from TFI come forward individually in the midst of media interests to understand or to investigate on his or her own nor question.

Yet I feel these moral questions creeps into our midst that we must "pity" abusers rather than abused and that we should leave them alone because they have a life, is very misleading.

Mr. Seemore has attempted, but still he was not yet ready to answer some basic questions asked by other SG's (I assumed). All level of TFI members should be able to answer those questions including children, the children should be taught technicality of what it means to have basic human rights.

During WW2, Japanese soldiers were taught that their enemy was so evil that they should never compromise and never be taken as a prisoner, they must rather end their life as true Japanese soldier than to be in the enemy's camp. At the end of the war, when some six hundred thousand soldiers were taken to Siberia by Russians as the prisoners of war, they had an encounter with German prisoner of war. Germans managed to go back to their country much earlier than Japanese soldiers did, because they were all informed and well aware of the international law on prisoner of war, Japanese soldier were taught no technicality of the international law and no one raised questions, it was only a shameful thing to fall into the hand of their enemy, many lived and died in shame and guilt while in prison and long after.

Some might argue what this story has to do with cult, itfs a mind set.