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Much smoke

Posted by John Concerned on November 03, 2005 at 22:25:04

Seeing the numerous posts about John Seemore I wonder if it is related to my request for comments about denouncing TFI in the general area of Eastern Europe. Have there been any indications that he lives in that part of the world? If so, I would understand his concern.

Also, I haven't made up my mind yet but his denials are making me more suspicious. If TFI is in fact so innocent, and their actions so clean, why do they not come out from being clandestine? Is if because they like to work under the covers?

Jokes aside, this is a serious question, and his denials do not make sense to anybody who knows a little of the history and reality in TFI. As somebody else said, he either is a lost case and weak brother, almost or totally out of fellowship, or he has the permission to come here and interact with a bunch of apostates.

Meanwhile, if my suspicion is correct, he has been successful in diverting the focus of my request to important but inopportune topics. He is only reinforcing in me the idea that TFI must be denounced and its full-time supporters and disciples must be exposed as promoters of criminal behavior, even if they themselves do not engage in them. They are adding and abating criminals by engaging in deception and misrepresentation of what group they really belong to and what their teachings really are.