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Re: Making out with your kids????

Posted by Farmer on November 06, 2005 at 01:22:42

In Reply to: Making out with your kids???? posted by JoJo on November 04, 2005 at 11:55:44:

It's "funny", that you should happen to ask that, because as I saw that clip shortly after it was made available (thanks, by the way!!)on the internet, I had the very same questions as you...also Natalie mentioned on, that she was born 82 in New Delhi...that's just the year I arrived she figures, that
sexual abuse happened to her from age of 4-5 onward...that leads us to 1986/87, where I was till in India/Nepal...if she was also in those countries, I wonder, who did it to her.Childcarehelpers were only provided to leaders or if a single happened to be in the home.Up to five kids were "easily" taken care of by the couple themselves...the logical consequence for me: around that time massive abuse could actually only be the case by parents
following those letters & may be some fosterparents felt inclinded too, but that should
lead to the question, did that really happen on a
huge scale before 88/89, when bigger combos were
set up...combo vision etc.???

I really don't get it, because definetely I didn't hear about these things, neither did I see them much less did I practice them nor did I ever desire it.Someone on moving on said, that most of it happened behind closed doors & bringing to bed was, as I said, mostly a parental thing, at least where I have been & that puzzled me a bit, when I saw the 60 min thing.