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Re: Hmmm....

Posted by JoJo on November 06, 2005 at 22:35:01

In Reply to: Hmmm.... posted by Coordinator on November 06, 2005 at 22:21:56:

HAhahaha,,,Thanks! I'm not really trying to cause a big raucous here, just feel the need to clarify the truth of what really happened. I know that a lot of bad things were going on, and I'm not disputing that.

To clarify another thing that I feel is important to understand. Many of the posters here left the TFI a very long time ago. A lot of what is said here is based on heresay and rumour. One serious problem the TFI did have was gossip and rumour.

If you all are serious about bringing down the TFI is that without facts and names and specifics it just wont work to spout out, innuendo, rumour, second hand stories etc.

To Jewelz: I'm sorry that my presence offends you. I happy to discuss things with you and I'm sorry you seem to be so full of anger with people who don't go along with your own feelings.

all the best, JoJo