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Re: Eva did give FIRST HAND info

Posted by Farmer on November 07, 2005 at 07:31:59

In Reply to: Eva did give FIRST HAND info posted by Goth88 on November 06, 2005 at 23:12:07:

Disclaimer: With todays faith/knowledge I would never have joined TF, even if no sexual abuse of minors and adults & also no FFing had occured...meaning, there are plenty of other reasons, why I would look elsewhere for good fellowship.

Thus having said...I wonder a bit like Jojo...James Seemore & a few others, why on earth
(and heaven may be) it's not possible for victims to be more specific.I haven't yet read Daniel's/Albatrosses article about the victims of the catholic church, why they have such a hard time speaking up...I know it's worth reading, but a bit lengthy...

I know that the abuse of Nancy happened to be in Mexico, if I recall right.May be Eva mentioned the locality, where it happened in the course of the interview, but I don't remember it from the clip.So where was she, that 5 year olds "begged" for a date???????Do I doubt her? No, why should I? But it doesn't sound like the places I lived in.A mother waiting outside, while someone else has a date with her child??When, where was it?Too much to ask???

Some of you guys are so sensitive here, it's close to being pathetic.That's your way of overcoming that dreadful time???If anything helped me after TF it's the desire or strong will to scrutinise things, being realistic, not taking everyones word as being the utmost truth...whether it was something on TV, from colleagues or supposed friends etc.

after TF one "shouldn't leave one's brain in the cloakroom" can be critical, also of TF-criticisers...I am for truth & you guys be specific & if you can't, then just say it was from second or third sources...well, if you're a criminal investigator you should always search for primary sources, if possible...isn't it?And that is a problem...too many here voice a lot of things who were out already long time before it got very they are not primary witnesses.Isn't that fair enough to mention that?

I would easily & most readily spend at least 50Dollars on a good book, similar to Deborah's, what is a collection of the horrors the SGAs suffered.Apparently it takes still longer to get it the meantime we have lots of reports
which aren't as detailed as I wish it to be.When & where should really be a must & who was the offender, even if it is just a description or a Bible name...& if that can't be done, then I wonder a bit, whom the victims wish to protect??

Why overreact, like in Jewlz case, that one is negating it a l l what happened?Any idea, what moderation is about, the truth being in the middle...Just to say: wild exaggeration in the end serves nobody.Just the "plain truth", as much as that is possible, but I definetely would like to hear more people say: such & such happened at such & such time (year) in that area of the world(TF).Could be, that I was one of the few priveleged ones,who didn't see all the worst stuff happening.I just feel pressed to say all that, because the mounting media reports are full of the sentiments, that sex was all that it
was about.I mean, I was often worrying, how to pay the bills & didn't have thoughts to waste on sex...& with minors not at all, that was a complete nono in my mind...The story of Davidito I skimmed was too long & I was more interested in the prophetic may be I missed how explosive the thing really was...

True, the summit Jewls really show, how they think at the top & wish it in general to be, that's why it is mandatory in my eyes to leave.

But we also talk about the daily life in a home
of the eighties & not of a world service unit or
MWM etc...

It would be also worth discussing, what rules we didn't obey in seem more & more to portray it here and elsewhere, that everything was followed immediately & to the nth degree, yet you guys marvel, when places like Brasil recently were reprimanded for not obeying.

I for one thing didn't follow the stupid 3 sheet
toiletpaper rule.You did???What if "something" did it the Indian way, lefthanded
; ) sorry, for being (c)rude...but I thought,
I will not accept nonsense, even if it is from an exerboard, where righteous indignation (& some exaggeration) is to be expected.

The following is a quote from movingon & not from myconclusion/confusion

Rachel, that was a shock to see that old tape...i was just broswing MSN checking the news, and what do ya know!
anyway, i agree with you, im sure that there were kids that were sexually abused in the late 80s in AUS, but mom and dad looked after us pretty well and we must have been spared the brunt as a result.
i dont think sexual abuse was as wide spead in AUS as it may have been in asia/s. america etc.
I do remember some sus activity at the `club` home in sydney when we first got back to AUS, but i was too young to put it all together.
sure the family was a crap place to grow up, all the stupid rules and excessive dicipline and whatnot, but i dont remember actually witnessing any sexual abuse at all.
i remember the raids quite clearly, i remember being interviewed by the social workers when we were in custody. i distinctly remember being on the defensive and making a effort not to say anything incriminating - it almost felt as if i was defending myself - on trial so to speak - so i dont blame you for saying what you said and i share your current position.
all us kids that were taken away in the raids said the same thing - i mean, none of us wanted to be separated from our parents, we had been preped just weeks before the raids - and most of us wouldnt have known what consitituted abuse at the time anyway