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Re: Can't get your story/question/statement

Posted by unbe lie vable on November 07, 2005 at 18:58:41

In Reply to: Can't get your story/question/statement posted by Farmer on November 07, 2005 at 08:29:05:

The problem with people like you is the non belief of any persons other than yourself telling the story.Wake up you lived with blind faith for how many years?If you dont believe what is being said do some research,then spout off at the mouth thats if you have more than just hearsay from one of your titheing fcf buddies.And no i wont tell you who i am i also wont tell all i know or i have seen or heard it is not worth my time there are bigger fish to fry.If you feel you are a big fish please feel free to put your name and number on the board and i will definately respond accordingly.Also i have read most of TF pubs you say you havn't do some reading then we can talk about abuse.Then You should Talk to some total stranger about what you have read ask their opinion actually dont stop at one talk to the whole of your work place your local school or a jobsite where real normal people are present see what response your gutless heartless....... aproach gets.I wonder if you went outside the square you live in now talked to normal everyday people(tell them the whole story when you joined how "WHY" showed them the lit etc etc)then told them how you felt about these people who you say are not truthfull.Post back on movingon and myconclusion with your response i would like to see that.Maybee 60 minutes can interveiw you!