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I wish Berg WAS ALIVE.

Posted by Goth88 on November 07, 2005 at 22:26:13

In Reply to: Re: Uncensored version released: "She Can Gang Bang'm" posted by CB on November 07, 2005 at 22:00:29:

Because I would love for someone to hunt him down, keep him ALIVE and let him go to prison in the general population where they can practice some of this torture on him.
I am glad I got out before this letter, still I look back at letters like "IRFer's Beware" and am still in shock I was IN COG/FOL WHEN THOSE CAME OUT.
Berg really degraded people. Especially women. In "The Girl Who Wouldn't" Berg underscores how it's just "a little thing", no biggie what the girl was asked to do. Minimization is the name of the game. Then over and over and over and over x way too many times, he proceeds to use "selfish", "disobedient", "sin as unto witchcraft", just grinding home, degrading the girl, telling her how she failed God, failed others and that to resist unwanted sex was a little thing and the message was taht to not be willing to just drop and do the deed without question or upon command was a very risky thing to NOT do. Consequences could be dire. There were so many examples. IRFer's Beware, The Girl Who Wouldn't, If The Truth Kills, Let It Kill"
I think about all those horrible letters and the pictures are burnt into my brain. Sometimes with his plethora of endtime paranoia and death, doom and destruction- fear letters, I couldn't even read them. Just remember some sentences or pictures, like heads or a head cut off and talking on a coffee table, one about scientists rounding up people to drain the blood out of them, nuclear holocaust and eyes melting in their sockets, America being destroyed and would I get out in time? and so on.
He truly was one of societies sickest individuals ever.
You know, I'd have rather dealt with having been a hitman for John Gotti than having to deal with having been a former member of COG/TF.