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Re: Your prophet was a pioneer...

Posted by Perry on November 07, 2005 at 22:54:26

In Reply to: Your prophet was a pioneer... posted by Mama Mosquito on November 07, 2005 at 13:26:02:

Thanks for bringing this GN to our attention. I wasnít aware of this particular GN so I wanted to take a quick look at it. I couldnít find it on this site but it was on xFamily. One small detail I noticed was a descrepancy in the date of publication. Your citation cites (July 2004), however, the citation from the version at xFamily shows June 2004. Hereís the entire citation from that site:

Shooting Straight, Part 2
God's views on current issues and attitudes in the Family By Maria FD/MM/FM 3500 6/04

Either way, June or July, it occurred to me that that date was significant for something else. Then I remembered that in 2004, Zerby directed TF to begin to "fast worldly input" for a six-month period, which she called the Renewal: The Big Picture and claimed was directly ordained by Jesus. The renewal period was to begin June 15 and end November 30, 2004 and it was required for all Family Disciple (FD) and Missionary Member (MM) Homes.

How interesting, then, that Maria publishes "God's" current views for members to ponder while they " worldly input for the duration of the renewal period. This includes movie watching, TV/sports watching, System music, novel reading, computer games, or Internet browsing (except for business purposes)."

While members are abstaining from all worldly influences on direct orders from Jesus, they are force fed a disingenuous apologetic for Berg's, and thus TF's, deviant ways with regard to their Law of Love doctrine. It seems to me that the intention of that letter published at that particular time was to reinforce, i.e., renew, membersí commitment to Berg and his pernicious doctrines. Meanwhile, to the outside world TF denies such manipulations and claims changes have created a safe environment for children.

Another thing I thought was quite interesting was the way that each time a new issue is addressed the readerís are reminded that it is God, through Jesus, making these very explicit pronouncements on how members are to think and act.