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Re: Can't get your story/question/statement

Posted by Farmer on November 08, 2005 at 02:38:32

In Reply to: Re: Can't get your story/question/statement posted by heavens girl on November 07, 2005 at 19:23:51:

Yes, I agree with you, the weaker used that for their weaknesses...although we're really talking about crimes we turned a blind eye to -publications that is,cause as I restate, as others did too, that I didn't personally perform in sexual abuse of minors nor saw it or heard of it -... so I thank you for that thought, but it still all doesn't satisfy me, to know more about the abusers of little children in the eighties...there were some.
Did all the adults never use any white sugar after the letter came out in the late seventies? times we didn't care, what actually was in St.Paul says not to worry if you're on the meatmarket of those days.And sometimes I drank lemonades in India or elsewhere...we didn't obey always to the nth degree...

The whole upsetness came up, because I asked for the "politics" of being detailed, were I a simply
investigator or a historian, nobody would have
barked...see, how sentimentladen the whole thing gets...sad.