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Thank you for replying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Farmer on November 10, 2005 at 00:52:50

In Reply to: Re: Making out with your kids???? posted by Natalie on November 09, 2005 at 19:18:39:

Natalie, thank you for taking your time to respond so personally, which must not be easy.I am not sure, whether you read my posts or not, I simply wished a more detailed description where it happened, which years about, so that we know, that it wasn't only WS or MWM-homes where it was
sadly done/obeyed & also on the "grassrootslevel".May be for you it can make
hardly any difference at all, but me it's helping.As I said, I didn't hear any of that sort of thing in my environment...sure I heard kids crying, but it never crossed my mind, that it could be actually practiced, except in Berg's homes, where I assumed a super "loving" atmosphere.My bad & irresponsibility for not doing anything against it earlier, by protesting against such letters, who gave the fundament.

BUT PLEASE please don't take my posts to mean, that I wasn't believing your accounts...only my
"frustration", that we know so little about the circumstances...I figured, it must be people entrusted with childcare, fosterparents/parents,
whereby I only saw very few childcarehelpers in the eighties...just for couples in leadership.
Thank you for adding pieces to the puzzle, even
more so if that must be painful to you to write that.You have lots of courage to appear on TV &
you have respect from lots of people...please
include mine, if you can accept that...

Would you mind, if I said, I feel a bit misunderstood, but this is due to my bad way of getting it across, not being very sensitive in wording things.I was hoping for some more information/explanation, which is not so widespread among the boards, except for the very known cases.Sorry, that was a big mistake of mine,not choosing my words better.

I really hope, you have sunshine in your life, warmth, that can make up for the selfish, egoistical, abusive past you encountered in us adults...wish all the comfort you can get & need.
All that is awful sad...I did read all the testimonies in the creep section at moving on, but really couldn't remember the abuse of so small children in the average home in the eighties...I expected them more for the Combotime
& in the WS-homes...
Wish you sincerely all the best