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Just some "silly" drunk elks

Posted by Farmer on November 10, 2005 at 03:29:42

gave me a long good laugh, when I was just about to finish my online-predsence & I read on the browser news, how some drunk elks had attacked an oldfolkshome in Sweden...drunk from rottening apples...reminds me of that famous documentary about the drunk elephants & monkeys in that african oasis...what was that film/ documentary called again?? Sorry, there are some very serious subjects here...but actually after TF, when I got my first TV, what really relieved me
sometimes was a very good laugh through some good

but actually for the old folks I think it wasn't so funny...but then to see animals to be as "animalistic" as us can be sobering & funny...

I used to like canned camera, but I guess it shows great humor to take it when you're being fooled...I wonder, how I'd take it...guess it depends on my "mood".