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Abuse behind closed doors

Posted by Observer on November 10, 2005 at 11:58:23

In Reply to: You were so brave posted by Observer on November 10, 2005 at 11:16:24:

I've been surprised that of all the shows that anyone could have picked to call into question, it was the Australian '60 Minutes' shows. For me it was one of the most moving I have ever seen. I know when it first came out, I & others cheered you guys as heros. But now with Jojo -- a fellow Australian, no less! -- continually questioning about Eva's testimony, you have been questioned whereas other shows have not.

I know Jojo says he never saw abuse happen in Homes he was in, but I think the things that people need to remember is that child abuse would not have happened out in the open like adult come-unions where they spread out the mattresses on the living room floor & made a spectacle of it. I think people like Farmer are surprised to find out that even in 'good' Homes where it appeared no abuse was happening, abuse was indeed happening? Only it was happening behind closed doors.

Eva, you were so courageous to speak out, & I don't doubt your testimony. Like Natalie says, you guys had nothing to profit from at all by exposing your past in the cult! It took courage to speak out knowing it made you a public figure that some admired & some pitied. I admire you all.

Rock on, Ozzies!