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Re: Thank you for replying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Farmer on November 10, 2005 at 13:18:56

In Reply to: Re: Thank you for replying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted by Natalie on November 10, 2005 at 06:55:27:

Please let me apologise to you for all the hurt
feelings I am sure I must have caused you.You're
a very courageous woman & young mother, who sure
could use all the energy for something better than replying to me...thank you must be hard nonetheless, to cope with all the deficits stemming from that highly problematic, abusive childhood.If I could help some with unburdening, I should/would do so.I wouldn't need
test---proofs etc., but may be you have TF-
people in mind and sympathisers, who won't take your word.I wish you lots of strength!!

How would such a forum have to look like...closely prevent hurt feelings..."professional" oversight?Any ideas & where?
I think the world & bad sceptics, whereever they are need probably such forums, to have your voices as multiplicator.
Ricky was the prime witness, wherefore I was very
shocked, to see him gone.
What influenced me more than anything after TF were good biographies of good people & the shocking reports of what really happened to Mene,Deborah - read her book 5 years ago - Ricky & so many others, including to make it as personal as possible is in my opinion a good thing...that's why I would support the printed of a detailed SGA biography...even more so as I read here through Jim La M. that once thought
possible courtcases might be almost impossible, because of time having passed etc...that's the way I understood...for other countries it seems to be different...Anyway, I think TF deserves heavy bad publicity, based on biographies of strong/dedicated people like you.That was also in the back of my mind....peace to you