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Who would take over the Family?

Posted by Grandpa's Ghost on November 10, 2005 at 14:58:09

In Reply to: Previous discussions on Family succession posted by Coordinator on November 10, 2005 at 13:12:25:

Ha! Maria's going to live for a long time, so no one needs to worry! Didn't that old gypsy woman in Cyprus prophesy that you would live to be 93?

(Maria: Yes, I've often wondred about that, because at the time you interpreted that to mean that I would live till 1993, when Jesus was supposed to come back.)

What? Did Jesus come back in 1993?

(Maria: Actually ... no ... He didn't.)

Oh, that's right. That was a little blunder of the mind on my part, a mere miscalculation of figures. And then those stupid editors published my 'Seventy Year Prophecy' & everything think I said that and I prophesied that. When I never did!

(Maria: Right. So, um, will I live to be 93? And if I don't, who would take over the Family)

I would! Ha! I'd just grab the nearest pretty prophetess and start speaking through her, and lo and behold, Grandpa would hold the reins of power again.

(Maria: But in the early days, you said Big Josh would take over after you were gone.)

Didn't he backslide?

(Maria: Yes, so I've always wondered ...)

Ah! Didn't I get a prophecy at the time of the Coronation in Bromley that Deborah, by own daughter, would be queen?

(Maria: Yes, but she backslid too.)

Aha! I know! RACHEL will take over! The Great Queen Rachel! Remember I even had our artist draw a pic of me in a puffy cloud whispering in Rachel's ear, and you taking notes?

(Maria: Um ... Rachel backslid too.)

Okay, okay, don't rub it in. Well then, didn't I get a prophecy that Davidito would rule the Family one day?

(Maria: Um ... )

Um what?

(Maria: You really are out of the loop, aren't you, Grandpa? Sometime after you died, Davidito left the Family and he---)

Wow! I've really struck out then, haven't I? Am I a mistaken or false prophet? (Dad gets depressed.)

(Maria: No, no. It's just that the kids have misinterpreted your Letters.)

You think so.

(Maria: I'm sure of it. Didn't God say He would never lie unto David?)

Oh ... yeah, right. OK,well then, I guess Big Josh and Deborah and Rachel and Davidito will all come back to the Family later to fulfill my predictions. Ha! Can't you see a ruling council of Four?

(Maria: I can't' quite see that happening.)


(Maria: No. I think I'll just stick with the prophecy that I'll live to be 93, and leave it at that.)

Don't you remember that