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Answer from a male

Posted by MG on November 10, 2005 at 18:16:13

In Reply to: Re: questions for male ex members posted by excog on November 09, 2005 at 01:24:01:

My students, the ones I teach English to, laugh when they learn to say male & female ..their L1 (mother tongue) is French and in French the terms "male" and "femelle" are only used in reference to the sex of animals.

Anyway I confess to having been an "animal" when in the Family. I've changed since then, and I'm really really sorry for the harm I did, especially to my wife. Miraculously we're still together.

The worst of what I did was being a pimp. Well, the excort agency was the main pimp, but I was there as an assistant pimp, I did the driving to get her to the clients.

With other women the times when I would have been "pushy" about "getting my share" was when we had those big GAFM's or NAFM's. But usually at those "festivities" you didn't have to push too much, I remember vividly the times when I did push, verbally, to get my way and I still feel really bad about it.

Somehow I missed living in the homes where they had sharing schedules. Eventhough there were homes close by that had them.

Otherwise, and this is one of the deals that hasn't been referred to here very much yet, my main extra marital sharing was with women that I had fallen head over heals for and they with me. This happened twice, on two different continents and time periods. There was an intense mutual romantic love, infatuation and relationship. Those two experiences are the ones that came closest to causing a split in my marriage.

I'm so glad I finally got out of the cult, and even though I'm in my 50's & finally building my life, that's what's keeping me young.