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One of the most infamous Mo quotes

Posted by reposter on November 10, 2005 at 23:22:24

In one breath Berg endorses both pedofilia & incest:

69. THE ONLY WAY TO GET FREE OF HIM AND HIS LIES AND HIS PROHIBITIONS AND GUILT COMPLEXES ABOUT SEX is to get rid of his lies and his lying propaganda, his anti-sex propaganda, and believe the Lord and His Word and His Creation and God's Love and His freedom! That there's nothing in the world at all wrong with sex as long as it's practised in love, whatever it is or whoever it's with, no matter who or what age or what relative or what manner! And you don't hardly dare even say these words in private! If the law ever got a hold of this, they'd try to string me up! They'd probably lynch me before I got to the jail!

By Father David
20 May 1980