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Re: I don't get JoJo

Posted by Farmer on November 12, 2005 at 01:20:16

In Reply to: Re: I don't get JoJo posted by Goth88 on November 11, 2005 at 15:43:41:

I was in Germany till 79/80...went for half year to Thailand, was back for some time, German Lit-Pic 81/ to India spring I can speak for the time 76-79 where FFing had taken place in Spain & elsewhere, the letters were out,
the RNR had taken place...letter about the chain
77?...anyway, first time that I could decide on my own to which home to go, went from Cologne via Augsburg to Munic...before that impossible.
See, what I mean? (By the way, in "forsaking all", I went alone to explain my new lifestyle to my parents, against all the admonition of the
leaders...and alone to the toilet)

Could be that they did some FFing in Germany, but no way like in India or from what I heard in London etc...e.g. we had a nice leather couch in Cologne, it got shifted to Bremen...but I don't think it paid the way like in India, Thailand or elsewhere...that's what I Indian homes I saw at the peak-time the woman several times a month having an arranged date in the FFhomes it must have been worse.I can tell the difference by comparison, but feel free to share some examples...I lost my Indian mate perhaps mainly due to FFing, as she got a big Indian fish
who pulled her out...which is definetely ok with me, in looking that regard I have sad to say too many experiences, I would prefer not to have.If I don't hide these unpleasant things, & if I add the sharing experiences it gets to be long...some other time, perhaps...I definetely would not hide anything I had known about childabuse.
Children dancing...don't know much about that in
Germany, I think they had costumes-evenings.

Again, if you heard of people sharing with kids I don't doubt that either, it's just the way it is...what I felt was not right is, to support the theory, that every adult should have witnessed something of that sort, at least in the eighties...besides having read about it, how
Berg saw it..."the folks-homes-policy"/"way of life"...

In sharing, what kept me often from enjoying it or wanting it, was, that I felt a very strong responsibilty to take care of the woman in case of pregnancy...meaning to marry that woman & I could only imagine to live someone I really love...where you can't really live without that person...that heartfeeling wasn't too often there, less with the woman in TF...

Recently a female German teacher got sentenced to two years of prison for seducing one of her pupils, then 13 years old...
Some other stuff from the yellow-press, a brother & sister were living as a couple, having
4 children together, the brother got sentenced to 2 years, the oldest 3 children given to fosterparents...It's stuff like this, which society has to ponder about & solve...and many worse things I read, which shows me, that we live in a problematic world & true, countries differ in how they judge these things...