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Berg: 'I even like to be there & watch it!'

Posted by Reposter on November 12, 2005 at 20:49:09


80. QUESTION: I HAVE A LITTLE PROBLEM WITH MY MATE. When I go FFing & meet a fish, I want to be honest & tell him everything that went on, but he seems uninterested in the fish or even what happened.--Joy Light, PI.

ANSWER: Poor fellow! It's probably hard for him to hear it if he's a bit jealous, as all us mates are!--But I still want to share every moment of my Love's life!--No secrets! I even like to be there & watch it!--It's thrilling!--Turns me on!--But don't force it on'm if he can't take it!--Some can't--till they get the Vic!--Read "Greater Victories," ML #727! Consider it a Love compliment, Matie, that she wants to tell you everything!--Aren't you curious or interested in what she's been doing? I am!--I love mine! I wanna share it all!