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"FMs say ESing is prostitution" (Berg: Report'm!)

Posted by Reposter on November 12, 2005 at 20:56:31


30. QUESTION: ABOUT ESing: GBY! WLYSM! I personally love ESing & have won many souls from it & fruit that remains to this day. Since '79 I've done it in 3 countries. Now we are trying to open our own agencies in Brazil but have run into a few controversies that need to be cleared up. (HAL! GBY!)

In Mag 48 the article "Bought with a Price" explains the very fruitful way she does ES work--the same way I & most all the sisters were or are doing it. She explains how "many Homes need financial support" & how "the men should show their gratitude by something material." She explains exactly how she does it, how the agency fee is for escort only, but other services or sex is agreed on yourselves. Sometimes she cuts her time down if they are not willing to pay the price. (GBH!)

What I used to do in the Far East was sweetly explain that I didn't receive any of the agency fee & I usually expect a tip for my time, & when asked how much I'd reply, "Most girls ask for money." If he was really a sheep or couldn't afford that much, I would take whatever he offered so as not to offend him but win his soul to the Lord. I always witnessed, explaining that I did volunteer work & helped to support several missionary families that I knew. I've never discussed my tip as for sex only, but rather tried to explain that it is customary & how much I need it for so & so. (Amen!)

Others here have said that this is prostitution & wrong. (I'd like to know who!--Report'm!) Suddenly I find myself confused. I don't believe it's bad to ask for help financially, as these men have it & we need it! I ask everyone for help--in litnessing, prayer letters, my relatives--why not ask these businessmen who can & expect to give?? (Yes! What's the difference!)

I was told that you must not have known about this ES article or it must have slipped by you somehow, so I decided to write in. ILY & want to do what's right!--M.S.; Brazil.

ANSWER: I READ & AGREED WITH IT & PUT IT IN THE FN MAG MYSELF!--And it was written by my own daughter in the Lord! Indeed, why not? It's the most time-honoured ancient art, skill, practice & profession in the World & legal in most countries! ... We do it for love & souls as a sacrificial loving service & gift to the needy!--If they wanna give us a thank offering, why not?--Mad Dad!