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Re: Corrupting DFO outsiders

Posted by Farmer on November 12, 2005 at 21:11:27

In Reply to: Corrupting DFO outsiders posted by Observer on November 11, 2005 at 12:47:45:

Well, it's so long ago, I really had to go into the dusty attick of my memory...what came back was, that when we arrived in spring 82 we listened to some MWM shows aired from Sri Lanka...the quality of the reception was rather poor...We did get some addresses for northern India, which an appointed team took care of...forgot who it was...I do remember, that there was some advisory & to be honest, sometimes the leadership was smarter than the gusy in the homes, as there must have been some exploitation somewhere, but it's not clear anymore.India as conservative at it is - with some very good values regarding faithfulness...
marriage..honouring father & mother - stood in big contrast to the low morals of TF...

But I do know, that the Indian disciples were included much to soon - at all if we want to be precise, but I think you know what I mean - into sharing & FFing & through pregnancies & backsliding of the father e.g. more problems were caused.

I remember one American young tourist joined...later his relatives, at least his brother I know of definetely, came to get him back to the States.He ended up joining.In some home he ended up sharing with this young Indian female disciple...she got pregnant, but he backslid.His brother ended up getting mated to her...last I knew. A bit Hollywood meets Bollywood....just saw today again one of these Indian movie, German translations...real tearjerks or better heartrendering.A lovestory
placed between a Pakistani & an Indian...therewith being also quite political, trying to bridge the many gaps.