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Question Number 170

Posted by Reposter on November 13, 2005 at 17:47:44


170. QUESTION: WE RECENTLY HAD A DISPUTE WITH A LOCAL HOME AS TO WHETHER "BAN THE BOMB" APPLIED TO OUR YOUTH. In question was our girl wanting to share with their son--both consenting. The parents of the boy refused to give him permission, quoting the Letter "Ban the Bomb." Dad, did you mean to ban sharing between our youth & young adults or has there been a misunderstanding? The boy & girl in question are the only teenagers in the area. The boy shares with sisters of his own Home but we live alone with our kids. We didn't try to argue because the parents of the boy are the DAS of the area & it would have only caused problems. We would appreciate a current up-to-date comment from you since "Ban the Bomb" has raised questions in some people's minds regarding this.--J., S.America.

ANSWER: MT.9:29.