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These are the quotes I was talking about

Posted by Coordinator on November 16, 2005 at 15:31:53

In Reply to: Re: newspaper article posted by exer on November 16, 2005 at 15:03:25:

Anyone have the full orginal of this poem by Faithy? It seems a bit truncated here.

His daughter Faithy seconded that emotion when she cheerfully recalled her molestation at the hands of her own father when "My Childhood Sex" was revamped in 1978.

Childhood sex: I like it! It reminded me of how you [Berg] used to put me to sleep when I was a little girl, three or four. Wow! Daddy did it best! Back rubbin' that is, and front rubbin', too…… Praise the Lord!

I don't think it perverted me, none at all,
but it sure converted me to his call!
So I believe our parents should try it
and help our kids to get the natural habit!
We pray it'll work,
then junior won't be a sexual jerk!
It worked for me as you can see,
I just do what comes naturally!"