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My resume to Zerby

Posted by resume on November 17, 2005 at 14:52:31

In Reply to: Re: newspaper article posted by mark on November 17, 2005 at 08:36:02:

Sam Pervertio, MaD
Sex: Male by birth
Female for Jesus

Yrs in the Family: 30+

Education: Masters in Art of Deception

Graduated from High School prior to joining.

Masters in Pharmaceutical Distribution prior to joining.

Studied under top Family leadership, known to you personally, queen mama maria

Protector of Law of Love assuring that it's flame amongst underaged youth never goes out, just under cover and under the covers reserved for the few in the inner circle and chosen in the outer courts.

Master-bater extraordinaire having mastered the art of fulfulling Jesus's need for sex by preparing my mind and body to become the bride of Christ and more importantly having a stunning vagina for Christ as his bride.

Photo Ops and Public Relations expert.
Portfolio available with list of important people ministered to. Professionally orchestrated brochures which appear to be the most dedicated and active missionaries ever to hit the face of the earth while garnering millions for charity, enabling area homes to eat well and print more magazines and posters.

Several successful car dealerships under my belt, with impressive steady tithing to her highness and consort queen peter.

Work history:

Photo Ops at major catastrophy sites. Web design for sites for catastrophy relief and charity donations to support our worldwide missions and to raise finances for our work of providing paper agape and recycled donated goods that we don't decide to keep.

No current criminal record, ability to change names as needed.