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Funny how they've left the tracks of abuse in their writings

Posted by I know on November 17, 2005 at 17:10:34

In Reply to: Re: Good points by Ashley posted by Perry on November 17, 2005 at 14:47:33:

In late 80's maybe, I was in one of those seminars conducted by the restructuring leaderships. I noticed how some of them couldn't even give good presentations (English is not my original language, but I could still tell...)

Day two or three, Peloquin, one of the restructuring leaderships (boy if I knew then what I know now) announced they have decided to change content of the meeting. He then started to sob like a little kid, pretty much repeated saying "I was naughty... I did really naughty thing".

I said to myself, "ok, I got it, but what exactly did you do that was so naughty?" But he pretty much repeated the same furnished with his big sobbing. He then led everybody to this big confession session, especially geared toward the old leaderships in demotion, in DETAILS, and it was pitiful.

I always thought those new leaderships were little creepy, but hey what can I say, they were handpicked by the head of the household and his dominions (and stayed in the power till this day). That's when I started to have MORE doubts about the cult, WHEN I got little closer to the leaderships.

In my opinion, we will never get the whole picture till we follow some of the MONEY line in the CULT, funny how they've left the tracks of abuse in their writings but find no tracks of money.