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Re: You think they'd actually do that?

Posted by Grassy Knoll in Houston on November 18, 2005 at 10:09:45

In Reply to: You think they'd actually do that? posted by Observer on November 17, 2005 at 18:40:39:

1) I made up the entire scenario based on what I know about Pooper, Queenie & TFI leadership. The reference to the sociopathic SG bimbo in a threesome was based on the extremely high probability of her existence. TFI leadership hasn't changed their modus operandi just because they're old farts who drool over their scrambled eggs in the morning.

2) After taking a good look at the pictures of the likely culprits, I got the message from my spirit helpers (Inspector Clouseau and Sargeant Columbo)that Some Pervertio, not Pooper, is the lead conspirator. Furthermore, Clouseau-Columbo told me that Some Pervertio DOES INDEED have it in him to knock off Queenie.

3) Some Pervertio's conspiracy to lop off of the royal heads is complicated by the need to take out two rather than one heir in line to the throne. Since Pervertio has been doing a threesome, he's gotten a taste for packing Pooper...which means he is able to manipulate his Jebus cunt Pooper from behind the throne through the Ministry of Joy.

4) The Pervert-Joy-Pooper conspiracy theory depends on a very complex level of psychodrama. This "insider's view" of the conspiracy was revealed to the Grassy Knoll channel by another spirit helper...Alfred Hitcock!!!! More information about this exciting revelation, which is called "The Queenie Buys the Farm Revolution", will be available in coming months--so stay tuned to your Unfriendly Family channel, the Grassy Knoll.