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The Family's unequal crazy policies

Posted by Oldtimer on November 18, 2005 at 11:16:11

In Reply to: Getting fucked up down to the bone and into your entire soul posted by A father on November 18, 2005 at 07:38:00:

If you had been a favored person or big leader, chances are your wife would have gotten the blame instead, and you would have been spared. Remember what happened with Eman and Genesis? Their baby's skull was cracked one day and both denied doing it, so Berg got a prophecy it was Gen who did it and a whole series of MLs came out about her how bad she was. Hopefully in your case an ML series didn't come out. It has to be one of the most public of all possible shamings.

Anyway, years later Peter A. gets Eman to confess that it was him and not Gen who had done it. He had banged the baby's head when it was crying. And Eman had meanwhile stood by all those years and let poor Gen get blamed and shamed for something he had done.

About the unfair policies, when that couple had a deaf child, Family policy automatically condemned them. Then when they heard about another deaf child being born in the Family, they shared support for the family saying, "Another deaf child has joined the folds of David with all its heartbreaks and victories," etc. Then Berg blasted them and rebuked them for starting a support group and wrote a redhot ML laying it out plain: if a Family member's child is afflicted or deaf or Mongoloid, it's because of sin in the parents' lives and God had to afflict the poor child, blah blah, to get through to the hard-hearted parents.

Only it was a double system. Have a Mongoloid child and for sure God was harshly judging you. But be a top leader like Margie in Japan and have a Mongoloid child and you get to write a whole series of testimonies about "our special angel" and how God "blessed" you with a unique child. The system was rigged. It was so damned hypocritical!

And then there's the ongoing pain parents suffered. They were told that God would now heal their child if they would only confess all their sins, dig deep and get out the roots, and then "have the faith" for a miracle. So they spent years agonizing and RE-blaming themselves that they must still have sin in their hearts or they'd have the faith for their child's healing.

I feel for you bro, and hope some of your pain disappears.