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I nomiate for exfamily Line of the century!

Posted by Priceless on November 19, 2005 at 04:26:41

In Reply to: Re: Resume Tips from the Family posted by exer on November 18, 2005 at 13:58:56:

"masturbating prayer time is probably called developing hand-eye coordination & various motor skills."

There used to be some OTT examples of such renaming exercises at their "Christian Vocational College" site. But now I find this at

"September 2005
Notice regarding CVC site:

This notice is to announce that the Family International's CVC program has been renamed: Christian Vocational Academy (CVA).
In response to the unique education needs of the students of the Family International, this change reflects the changes and upgrades that the CVA program will be undergoing.

The Christian Vocational Academy replaces the former CVC program and will continue to issue high school diplomas and proficiency certificates to those who qualify. Previously issued CVC records, certificates, diplomas, and current student and teacher ID cards will be honored by CVA, unless reissued or holders are notified otherwise.

CVA will provide its students with unique study opportunities, and aims to keep its procedures and policies current by reviewing them on an ongoing basis. CVA will reform courses, descriptions, and services as necessary to better serve its students. Official notification will be made as changes occur.

The new website is under construction.

Thank you,
The Christian Vocational Academy


Christian Vocational Academy (USA/International Desk) contact information:
Postal address: Christian Vocational Academy P.O. Box 796263 Dallas, TX 75379 USA
Phone in the USA: (972) 931-9335
Toll free in the USA: (888) 871-8388
Fax: (972) 380-6923