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Re: Anderson Cooper 360 Show Excellent Today

Posted by Lattin? on November 19, 2005 at 10:29:12

In Reply to: Re: Anderson Cooper 360 Show Excellent Today posted by Daniel Roselle on November 19, 2005 at 01:18:08:

I agree with Daniel on Lattin's book. The only thing that bugs me about Lattin was his quote in the Houston Chron:

"there are…sincere, well-meaning missionaries who are part of the Family that are out there in the world trying to do some good work…There are also some real [bad people] out there working for the Family…and these people don't even know each other. It's not like the same thing's happening everywhere"

WTF? That's a load of crap. These "well-meaning missionaries" are in denial if they believe abuse doesn't happen anymore, and you damn well know that they know who the bad guys are, they're paying their pedophile leaders 14% each month. TF's abusive control tactics are just as bad as their pedophilia and if a kid left The Family today they'd be just as lost, lonely, broken and down-trodden as I was when I left. The abuse that's prolific today is the manipulation of their children's souls. I sure hope Lattin doesn't say that it's just a couple rotten apples in TF and the rest are "well meaning missionaries", what a smack in our face.