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Re: Anderson Cooper 360 Show Excellent Today

Posted by Yes, it is all woo-doo and bs on November 19, 2005 at 20:19:37

In Reply to: Re: Anderson Cooper 360 Show Excellent Today posted by what the fuck on November 19, 2005 at 17:55:35:

Well Meaning: Win the world for Jesus kids and don't be concerned with your education

Well Meaning: Wear forsake all and pray against materialism, if you’re a leader you can wear the nice clothes because you’re extra special.

Well Meaning: Glorify god in your dance for our great shepherd

Well Meaning: Give up your bed for Christ, give your spouse to leadership if Jesus says so through the leadership

Well Meaning: FF

Well Meaning: Provision and give a little to CTP, sell the rest for the best

Well Meaning: We are it! The 144,000. Everyone else is second class and there to remind us how first class we are. That's why we CTP. Don't feel bad about spending a little "Katrina" cash, you're Jesus' special bride and can get away with it

Well Meaning: Christmas is for fundraising, fundraising makes Jesus happy, the system has commercialized Christmas to make money, sorry if that's a little confusing.

Well Meaning: Have lots of children and Go for the Gold so that you stay entrapped by The Family and continue our cycle, you have no options beyond our walls

Well Meaning: Your brother and sister that are speaking out about being abused to the media are full of hitch-hiking demons and will be punished by Jesus. Pray for them

Well Meaning: So many of the kids that leave the Family excel in their fields because of The Family's education, the ones that commit suicide were foolish and losers to begin with. What a great example of what happens when you pull a snowflake

Well Meaning: Stand on the street corner in 6 lane traffic and solicit funds for “Katrina”, then spend it on rent

Well Meaning: NEVER pay taxes

Well Meaning: Legitimize! Create a foundation the DOESN’T pay taxes

Well Meaning: Lets play a game, all the men in the house please stand up and tell Jesus how proud you are to be his bride, now go to your rooms and masturbate while praising him. Whoever finishes first will receive a blessing

Anything else?

Well meaning?? No. Just plain dumb and ultra freaky. Who needs the pedophile allegations anyway when their “well meaningness?” is weird enough?

Please excuse my sarcasm.