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Posted by cut and past on November 20, 2005 at 00:21:12

Family Tie---The Family's official spokesperson, Claire Borowik stated, "Our members have lived under a microscope for the past 20 years, with every aspect of our lives being placed in the public forum via the media, academics and the courtscI don't know if you have or will have children in the future that don't agree with their upbringing, but I don't believe that it would be necessary to explain it to me or the public. Why would you expect members of a minority religion to be less deserving of their right to privacy?"

---Final Report on the Activities of the Children of God to Hon. Louis J. Lefkowitz Attorney General of the State of New York ---1974

Despite the shocking facts outlined, no direct action by the Attorney General can be undertaken AT THIS TIME by reason of the constitutional protection of the first Amendment. CONTINUING attention, however, should be paid to its activities. Publication of this report should alert public generally, particularly young people and parents, to the nature of this group as revealed in the testimony.