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Re: That was brilliant & funny!

Posted by Woo-doo on November 20, 2005 at 10:46:38

In Reply to: That was brilliant & funny! posted by Observer on November 19, 2005 at 20:42:05:

Going for the Gold is not using birth control during sex but leaving everything in Jesus' hands. I always aimed just high enough for the tin cup (used birth control). Going for the Gold was a Family doctrine specifically targeted at SGA couples. The Family knew that if they could get their SGA’s to reproduce baby after baby, the chances that the couple was hooked on TF’s society would increase enormously. I’ve seen many of my old SGA counterparts laden with babies now in the group and trapped because of it. When TF started having a hard time winning new recruits they turned to generate those disciples out of the FGA first and then the SGA. When they keep them dumb and full of c** they keep them forever.

I'm sorry Lattin but if most of The Family is so well meaning then maybe you should join them or consider having your children grow up in their care. I think you'll find that the well meaning ones are not only guilty by association, but they're also duped, dumb and dangerous because of that. Anderson Cooper’s guest got it right, it’s not about religious freedom like they’d have you believe, it’s about protecting human rights. The Family’s religion has killed kids. Their dumb sheep’s beliefs are dangerous to their children.

Here’s their latest bs front on education that they launch over summer 2005 after the scrutiny they received in the media:

You’ll notice on this site that they still have absolutely no curriculum for their teenagers. It’s the same old shiite a different day.

Read through their statements here and you won’t need to be sold on how messed up they are. Even when they try to legitimize they look wack.