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Re: for Monger

Posted by excog on November 20, 2005 at 19:48:53

In Reply to: Re: Some more 'Stevens' for Monger posted by Monger on November 20, 2005 at 09:48:42:

I don't know how anybody could say Steven David was never a member. Sure he was a member. They were all members of TF, but Jane Miller wanted her own little kingdom, too.

The Letter The Division came out in -- was it 1978? and it was about Mother Eve's team etc. It was Berg's take on the whole situation. In Jane Miller's team TF was referred to as The Chain (from The Chain of Cooperation), so leaders from The Chain came over and and moved people around.
So you cannot say that they were not members since they were under the supervision of Berg and TF. Why else would leaders from TF come and move people to their homes? I was underage and just in at the time and I remember being picked up and moved like a postal package.

They would have liked more independence (to be free to play Berg themselves and do plenty of screwing up of ppl's lives on their own) but ultimately the independent effort was mostly disbanded.

If you want details from that time regarding any of this just tell me. I figure there is no point for me to write some of this stuff if there are other people who can be your sources in reconstructing this history.