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More Family policy on 'no child support'

Posted by Researcher on November 20, 2005 at 19:54:04

Questions from the Field – Part 1 16 December 1978 DO 792

7. (MARIA: A LOT OF THE GUYS ARE FFing WOMEN NOW, & THE WOMEN ARE GETTING PREGNANT.) All they have to do is join the Family, then their problems are over. (Maria: It can get some of the men in real trouble if the women don't want to join the Family, because then they can demand child support.)

8. WELL, I THINK EACH CASE HAS TO BE JUDGED ACCORDING TO THE CIRCUMSTANCES & THE WOMAN & everything. (Maria: In a lot of cases the women definitely want to get the men away from the Family, & once they are pregnant they have a pretty good hold on a man.)

9. I WENT OVER THIS WHOLE THING ONCE BEFORE ABOUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MEN & WOMEN in "Male or Female" (No.529). I warned you that the women will want the whole works: Hook, line, sinker, fishing rod, the boat & the captain! (Maria: So it is considerably more dangerous for the men to FF than the women.)

10. THE SIMPLE SOLUTION, OF COURSE, IS FOR HER TO JOIN THE FAMILY. But if she doesn't want to join the Family, he might as well forget it. I would say the best solution then is just to leave the vicinity, if she’s going to threaten to make trouble. (Maria: Most of the time the men are already married & the woman doesn't exactly want to be part of a threesome.) And sometimes the women are already married too.

11. THAT'S ONE PROBLEM YOU HAVE WITH WOMEN, THEY'RE A BIT POSSESSIVE. Well, they can have it all if they join, but they may still have to do a little sharing.

12. IF THE WOMAN GETS PREGNANT & DOESN'T WANT TO JOIN THE FAMILY, BUT SHE'S NOT CAUSING ANY TROUBLE & she is willing to have the baby & care for it herself or whatever she wants to do with it, that's up to her. It's not our responsibility, if she doesn't want to join the Family. She must have known we were that kind of Family from the beginning.