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Mothers Team

Posted by Ready on November 22, 2005 at 05:42:30

In Reply to: I won't be much help on this posted by Oldtimer on November 20, 2005 at 22:31:58:

Hi guys. Read this regularly, always hoping to hear about people I knew and what happened to them.
I was on "Mothers Team" as a very young girl. I had left the family in Paris because I kept getting drunk. I was put in a hotel room and expected to litness my way to pay for room and food. I just drank lots and puked even more.
I started hitchiking to the south of France and was eventually "led" to Samuel and Jerusha who were on Mothers Team and I lived with them in the Chateau near Fennery, several hours drive from Paris, out Fountain Blue way. This was the summer of 1976, one of the hotest summers.
Dodai and Tan were also there, and Esther and her partner Seth.
Fom there I went to Casis near Marsaille and lived in the "Arc" with Jacob Cartoon and Eman Artists exwife. Belguim Sunshine and her partner were there.
It was pretty cruisey for me then, no hassles then we drove to Naples to live in a house at Torre Del Greco under mount Vesuvius.
We had the local colony from Naples come and do a sack cloth and ashes type affair for I don't know what reason.
Then we went to Malta and were at the school in Bersa Buga and the appartment in Valetta. There I met Mother Eve, Stephen, John, Adria, Faithy came to visit with Juan, Daniel and his partner, Hepher and Sunshine, Nathaniel and Peace, Joppa and Marty, Ziba and Vessel, Philippe La Plume and his wife.
I was sent by mother Eve to England to have my child, probably because I was told on my first visit to the doctor that I had toxemia and had to rest, no salt etc etc and for that I was branded a murmurer. I was 6 months pregnant with my first child at 17.
I hitchhiked back to England with my "partner" who was a useless piece of shit that I lived with for the next 14 years.
In England David and Judy from Tenerife came to live with us, and also Michael and Ruthie.
Mother Eve and Stephen, John and Mene came to stay with us also driving their Peugot 404, a very popular mode of transport for the family in France, and we were told what to say by David and Judy, (go away) and Steven went off his nut.
That was 1977 and my little son was only tiny so probably about Nov 1977 that was in Folkestone Kent England.
I was a good little worker, always sent to take care of the kids, but I was such an alcoholic that when given half a chance, I would get plastered and embarrass myself and everyone around me would avoid me like the plague. Lucky for me really, I had a codep husband who made it his buisness to keep me under wraps, so I was in and out, round about the family.
To all of you who write here, thank-you. It is like finally being cured of the little doubt and fear I had instilled in me all those years ago when I was a lost little child.