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'We need your loving counsel'

Posted by endangered mom on November 25, 2005 at 18:15:36


8. QUESTION: Dear Dad & Maria, My husband & I have a big decision to make, sooner or later, about me getting sterilized. I am pregnant now with our 3rd child, which when delivered, will be my 3rd C--section. My doctor had asked if I wanted to be sterilised after this child is born, & I said no. But we must face the reality that No. 4 or 5 could endanger my life. I sort of made a deal with my doctor that we'd see how everything goes each time after this then we'd go from there, but I can't stall him forever. We need your loving counsel & we love you both dearly.--Mateo & Rebekah; B.C., Canada.

(Why can't you trust God more than man?--Mat.9:29.)