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Re: Stephen David - bio

Posted by on December 02, 2005 at 13:48:39

In Reply to: Stephen David - bio posted by Researcher on December 01, 2005 at 15:03:47:

Note to Researcher (with additional notes to Stephen Bruce Ferguson/”David”):

To research and notify:

Pastors Joe & Becky Cruse
City Worship Center
Austin, TX

Believers’ Fellowship Church
?, TX

Stephen F. Austin State -?

Travis Christian Assembly – Fall conference-?

Area Hispanic church-TX

That was a quick list of what is left on Stephen's Heartclub website regarding their newsletters. As I said, I’ll be looking in to that. The old pages that contained info on churches being conned/ripped off in the TX area are now gone--they were a Korean Baptist church (not necessarily its name), and, I believe, the actual 2nd Baptist Church in Houston (huge church--Pastor John Bisagno—I know him).

I also speak fluent Spanish and could easily convince the Spanish-speaking church Stevie-boy has been conning, LATELY (precedent: Acts 28, Stevie-boy).

Anyway, below is the list of what's left--the actual pictures, or photocopies of the news letters are gone, but a number for each remains, and each number STILL LINKS to its picture, from the following URLs (Hey, Stephen—you Berg Bee-atch--I already copied them, so you cannot prevent me from using them!):

Did you forget something here, Stephen, you little bee-atch?

Would you like to threaten me with violence? I'd love to teach you the lesson you obviously need, if you actually attacked me.

Researcher told me:

"Just be careful for Steven. He knows some martial arts & has been known to utter threats in the past, such as kicking in doors."

Bee-atch, I encourage you to read my response, should we ever meet--see

I'm just down the road from you--are you game? Want to meet and talk—at the mall, or better yet, in the office of any of the pastors you are currently conning?

Careful—I’ve learned a whole lot more of the Bible since I left the nasty cult you still perpetuate in your own way—I’d easily run circles around you in any Biblical argument; little man—and I use the term “man” extremely loosely. God let me “regain my brain”, as well as my cojones—you obviously have not availed yourself of either of those opportunities; as yet.

I visit Katy often, and I've met one of your poor kids at the Katy Mills Mall, where you pimped her out for your daily substance, you lazy thief!

I’d welcome a physical attack, if you have the stones for it. You wouldn’t have a “prayer”; if you’ll pardon the religious expression, here!

Are you ashamed of what was on your original webpage? Why the sudden changes, hmmm?

Don't think the con would be so easy if you just left it alone like you had it?

Is your world starting to get a little smaller?

Remember what HONEST Abe Lincoln said about "fooling all the people all of the time"? It can’t be done!

Also, someone else mentioned that old pictures from the original webpage, on which you tried to pass off Berg's Mo' Letter crap as Jane Berg's exalted spiritual wisdom and purity (yeah—right—the both of you—pure? Disgusting! Then AND now!): supposedly the group's Grandmother---which, incidentally, would indicate that you, Stephen, are a real "m----- f---er" of sorts, in the vernacular, by you own admission, in a way! = )

Hey, Pseudo-man! Wasn’t that all kind of creepy, you history with Jane M. Berg; I mean?

Had your propensity, for all the she-it that followed, developed any BEFORE joining TF?

Were you ALWAYS an opportunistic scum-of-the-earth?

I’ve seen your picture--I say you looked like a woose, then, back when you were YOUNG. I’m probably the same age as you (born Dec ’52), but you really look like CRAP, now, in your webpage pics!

I don’t consider you a threat at all, except to your own pitiful family, the churches and other members of the public you have, for years and years, stolen from, in the form of their money, goods, and especially their confidence.

You, sir, are nothing but a profane (root word is “common”) confidence man. The greatest tragedy for you personally is that you’re conning yourself, at the great resultant expense of others—you are literally as socially “useless as white dog shit that can’t even fertilize” as my somewhat “country” Father-in-law is fond of saying.

You are literally worthless in the grand scheme of things; a “dandy bad example/sample”, if you want that in “Berg-speak”.

Actually, he more often said “sample”; like a door-to-door snake-oil salesman might have said—like a false representation of the “real goods” without cost to the salesman—do you find it even interesting that 2 Peter 2 speaks of similar religious cons who “with feigned words shall make merchandise of YOU”? That’s just what you’re doing, Bubba!

Stephen, you truly personify (don't you, bee-atch?) what Eva St John said, at, said in her astute comments with excerpts as follows:

"...if an individual believes absolutely in their chosen…ideology, and they feel totally genuine and sincere in their own ‘good intentions’ and ‘well-meaningness’...this somehow ‘entitles’ them and makes them ‘more worthy’ than others who are deemed ‘less enlightened’, ‘less sincere’, ‘less saved’, ‘less blessed’ and therefore ‘less worthy’. Then, no matter how much they may intellectually agree with ‘equality to all’, etc, this subtle sense of exclusive entitlement will inevitably cause them to justify engaging in – or standing by and allowing – the use of any means deemed necessary to arrive at a hoped-for ‘righteous’ end, even if it means lying, deceiving, conning, abusing, exploiting, manipulating, bullying, preying upon, slandering, etc. This is the dark side of the light chasers."

The so-called “righteous end” referred to, here, would, of course be tantamount to full cooperation with an implied, if not fully and completely PUBLIC agreement, with the Berg doctrine of justifying:

“knowingly and blatantly lying and conning the public, the media, the courts, academics, child welfare authorities, their underlings, their own children, and themselves in regards to just how all-encompassing, manipulative and conscience-numbing Berg’s and Zerby’s indoctrination was/is, and how widespread these ‘few isolated cases of abuse’ were/are, and how incredibly damaging the kind of upbringing Berg and Zerby have condoned for TF’s thousands of children truly has been.”

Bee-atch, you are no different--in fact you appear to be the most exact duplicate of Berg around; these days! Do you think the area Pastors (REAL ones; you GOAT!) would be interested in a warning like Paul gave ‘three years…night and day, with tears” given by a now-expert ex-cult apologist like my self and/or others, about just what it is you ACTUALLY believe, condone, and MOST LIKELY STILL PRACTICE?

I'd love to meet you and let you take your best shot, little man, and then give you a freebie martial arts lesson from a REAL MAN--those who are not real men, as you are NOT, can't even win an EVENLY-matched contest, Stevie-boy, and it would not be even; I promise you.

I would not start the fight; I’d try to reason with you, even for your own good.

However, I would quite efficiently END the fight; should you be foolishness enough to start one.

I actually CONTINUED my martial training ex-cult--you've only got your own little self-deceiving egomaniacal edited memories, and a silly, perverse and bullshit "the-older-I-get-the-better-I-was" con going; probably mostly on YOURSELF; ya’ WOOSE!.

That’s a Texas word you understand; isn’t it? Speaking more exactly, it means, and is a polite substitute for, the more insulting word “pussy”; which is what I’m really calling you, here; boy!

And, yes, that is what you are, to whatever extent you are still duplicating Berg and his clone-drones!

I did notice, at, that you are now “PR-pimping” your own daughter Amy as a recent B.S. graduate of Texas State University.

BS? Now there’s something you are acquainted with; eh, woose?

I still like what poster “Solicitor” had to say about TFI’s predictable future, if you, Stephen, and other Berg Bee-atches (see my comments to still-in SG James Seemore @ for what I mean by the oddly-spelled word "bee-atch") continue unabated in your/their collective foolishness (irony laced with tragic-comic truth can be very biting and effective):

“…a hopped up tribe of inbred hillbillies (apologies to real hillbillies) on the borders of America, with never more than junior high school education”…[who will]…grow old and die having never known a lucid pure thought of reality, only sentimental emotional tripe delivered by pedophiles who used the Bible for their own ends and a life hidden from engagement with REAL people--only flunkies who obeyed without question?”

Note to Stephen: DO you feel me NOW, bee-atch?!

Is that what you REALLY want for your own children?

ONE MORE cooked-up PR-bullshit STUNT is what you’ve perpetrated on Amy (you obviously have that as the SINGLE motivation for educating her--I hope God uses it to help her turn on you and your chicken-shit so-called lifestyle) does not disprove the hillbilly statement, overall.

Careful—education tends to change cult-followers—you could lose her to independent thought, real science, honest philosophy and “pure religion”, as James put it (in the NT, not the OTHER still-in dupe; Mr. “See-no-more”).

Please re-read Romans Chapter One and 2 Peter 2; my "FALSE BROTHER":--your "feigned words" are a complete fraud, and thereby, so are YOU; bee-atch!

And YOU have “changed the image of God…like unto corruptible man”—you CHOSE the corruption, as well as “the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life”, and CONTINUE to do so, as long as you adhere to TF beliefs and practices.

You need to do the equivalent of what was done in the story in the book of Acts, of bringing the occult/”hidden” crap to the “public square” and “burning” it by disavowing and exposing them, as we all here have done!

Do you feel me, NOW?!

Will you remain a complete fool till you actually die? Are you sure your last chance hasn’t already come and gone; like old Pharaoh?

Do you REALLY want to end up like the flaccid old FART Berg was, in his last days—he could stir no passion OF ANY KIND in himself at that stage, except for impotent rage and the manipulation, corruption and destruction of others’ lives!

IMO, people who choose that end up quarantined in Hell, not exalted in a Berg-fanatasized “heaven: thank the REAL God.

Take a good look of yourself, before, like him, you are completely unable to do so!

It does look like we’re making you afraid of losing your ill-gotten funding.

As I’ve posted before to a “James Seemore”, and this applies to you, bee-atch, “there are literally NO MEN in TFI—they’re all ball-less Berg/Zerby drones.”

Actually, you’re merely a weak copy/emasculated male version of Maria on an extremely smaller scale—but you’re still old Mo’s bee-atch, as she still is—I think you’re worse because your inflicting the same she-it on your own flesh and blood—you are more like Zerby than Berg, IMO; a sycophantic chicken-shit to all of Berg’s falsehoods, thefts and manipulations (that’s “educated” for ass-kisser, Bubba! Only you’re kissing the memory of his ass—That’s sad, and that’s ultimate weakness as a man—wake up!).

And, as I’ve said at

“I'm for unrepentant former abusers to be punished within the full extent of the law, even for repentant members to pay their legal dues, for full public exposure of TFI and the difference between its public and private doctrines, and for legally disallowing the so-called parenting of current full and/or “part-time” abusing TFI members (which is how I’d term you, Stephen and your poor and pitiful family), as well as those who can't turn from the practices of those same offenses, or intentionally deceive the public in order to dishonestly mooch food, goods and/or services from them in a daily "short con" as religious grifters, which is all they'll EVER be, in direct proportion to their sanctioning of TFI practices, whether past or current…I am for exposing the religious grifters, and feel strongly, myself, that allowing them to continue to steal would be wrong, and to NOT expose them would be a disservice to the public they consistently have stolen, and are stealing, from.”

Stephen, if you don’t yet understand me, yet, you really STINK as a Christian, as a father, and as a man, and you did it all to yourself.

Been there, but didn’t stay there!

OT2 (OldtimerToo)