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Chicken-shit prophets decide not to warn

Posted by reposter on December 06, 2005 at 02:11:08

In Reply to: Re: Link to 9/11 GN posted by Perry on December 06, 2005 at 01:05:27:

World Currents!--No.100 Attack on America!
By Maria Maria #586 CM/FM 3367 9/01

Dearest Family,
1. In the wake of the unprecedented terrorist attacks on the U.S., I wanted to get out to you some of what the Lord has given on the subject, so that we can have His mind on things and a clearer understanding of how it affects us.

2. As you'll see, the Lord is deeply saddened by the loss of life. He also explains the bigger picture and how this fits in with the Endtime timeline.

3. There will come a time for the warning message, as our calling is to be the Lord's prophets, and part of His message to the world which we are responsible to deliver is one of warning--but now is not the time. He has asked it of us before, and the time for it will no doubt come again--at which time we need to be prepared to obey no matter what the consequences. But now is not the time.

4. However, there are probably some situations--in countries which are not favorable to the U.S.--where the Lord might lead you to acknowledge that this is a judgment on the U.S. because of their sins against other peoples of the world. They have committed terrible crimes against many nations, and they have begun to reap terror upon themselves.

5. Of course, you would need to be very prayerful in sharing this judgment message with anyone, and you definitely should not get it out en masse, since the Lord has already made His will very clear that in the U.S. this is not the time for such a message. Those of you who are in countries which are not pro-U.S., please be Spirit-led, counsel and pray about this, and do as the Lord leads you.

128. (Jesus speaking:) Know your meat or get butchered; that is the situation in America at this point. For there are so many who are so angry, who wish to retaliate with violence--and that violence will not only be directed at those who perpetrated this tragedy, but toward any who seem to be sympathetic or anti-American.

132. Yes, I do wish to warn people. Yes, I do wish for My truth to be poured forth upon the face of the Earth. But you must also remember that I am a wise and a loving God, and there are times when it is wiser and more loving to wait‚ and this is one of those times.

133. Do I want to get the message of judgment out? Yes, I do. Do I wish for people in America to understand why these things have been coming upon them and why more will come? Yes, I do. Do I wish for those in the United States to change their ways? Yes‚‚ I do. But if I were to give out a message at this point in time that would pour forth My anger at them for their sins, do you think it would be received? No, it wouldn't. It would only cause that anger to be vented toward Me.